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WWII: The Story of Pearl Harbor

The Story of Pearl harbor is a dramatic story that was handed down in history by the forefathers. Pearl Harbor holds a significant history between Japan and United States. Japan was a powerful nation that wanted to establish a colony East and Southeast Asia. They knew very well that US will protect these countries so they devised a plan to attack US Navy in Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was one of the biggest Navy base of the United States Military Forces.


Sending more than 300 aircraft, Japan finally attacked the said Navy base on the morning of December 7, 1941. The sudden attack caused death of more than 2000 US soldiers and all the Navy ships were set on fire yet there was a struggle to fight against them. However, they were really defeated but this forced the United States to declare war. In fact, Japanese should have been a declaration a war before it could happen, according to the law of war.

However, Japanese attacked without declaring so this was considered against the law. US military and the head of the United States decided to revenge so they had no choice but to get involved in the World War II which was going on time. After 4 years, United States came to end the World War II by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This was the result of what the Japanese Imperial leaders have done. Death were unimaginably countless. It almost wiped out the entire population of Japan. Yet this nuclear bomb ended the WWII and revenge for the Pearl Harbor incident was fulfilled.