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Hawaiian Cuisine every Foreigner Must taste

Hawaii is proud of their own cuisine because these are very important for tourism industry. All visitors are enjoying all the foods that they have such as the foods below.

Try the very traditional food that Hawaiian serve, POI, a paste made from taro root. People like this so much and people are so proud to have this traditional staple food. Those who are visiting the Island must eat this.

Spam with rice. Eating Spam is a traditional style of Hawaiians. Spam only is salty so there should be a rice that can can neutralize the taste.

Fish Taco. This is an amazing food that you can surely find in many restaurants in Hawaii even the best restaurants.Fish Taco is its name since it is filled with fish fillet at its center. It is considered to be the best Hawaiian cuisine that a visitor can taste. Other kinds of foods are so simple but this one is not really that simple.

Poke. A distinctive Hawaiian cuisine, raw fish plus onion being marinated together. These kinds of food makes all the tasty food knocked down.

Manapua. This is a Hawaiian style of rice cake plus filling with chicken or vegetables. Making this food is very simple and Hawaiians can do this in their own home without buying a cooked one.

Garlic Shrimp. Shrimp coated with fired garlic. Eating shrimp with garlic taste and this is one of the most amazing tasty shrimp in the world. Eat this with fried rice and you will jump for joy.