A spacious land where blue, sea and sky located

Welcome: Island of Hawaii

Hawaii is regarded as the most precious Island of the United States and it one of the most historic island in the world. Hawaii possesses beautiful beaches and islands that can be visited by many people around the world. In this beautiful land, we can find forested Island. Hawaii is famous for its volcanic geography.

Actually, it lies on the tectonic plates so lots of volcanoes are there, it is proper to say that it is the home of volcanoes. If you are going there, you can meet the historic monuments of Hawaii like Puukohola Heiau monument. Hawaii has been so famous for its destruction in 1941, the time when Pearl Harbor was made a sea of fire by the Japanese colonial army.

After decades, Hawaii became one of the most visited places in the world despite from the incident that took place in 1941. People opened their eyes to the culture and lifestyle in the Island so it was found as an exciting place to live in.

Actually, aside from its dangerous territory, it is filled with beaches, looking at it, the most beautiful beach is the Hapuna beach. A very small island yet exposed its beautiful nature. For its beautiful place, hundreds of movies were set in Hawaii. This is why although people have not been there, watchers could have a little grasp on how Hawaii looks like. The movie Pearl Harbor is the most famous movie depicting Hawaii and the incident during the bombing of the island. This place is truly a beautiful land without a doubt.